Naziha Uniform Company is a UAE based company supplying Office Uniforms, Corporate Clothing and Work wear to corporate companies throughout gulf .
Be it custom-made product or from stock, we have a huge line up of products ranging from high quality polo shirts, t-shirts printed uniforms, embroidered apparels, corporate formals, casual work apparels, promotional/marketing outfits, utility wears, security/safety wears, hotel uniforms etc along with promotional clothing and products such as bags, name badges, lanyards and much more. All products are elegantly branded with the logos and designs supplied.

For those looking for a unique corporate image with embroidered or printed company logos with the garment we are one of the few companies that offer uniforms right here made in the UAE Our service offers complete customization where you can get your design made and tailor your garments as per your request.


Our range of Uniforms is broad, catering for a variety of industries which include fast food restaurants, hotels , oil & gas , facility managements , manufacturing industries and many more
We offer a large range of corporate uniforms at best prices. Our collections include countless styles of Mens & ladies uniforms in Knits as well as Woven.

Our range of work wear includes, male and female Polo shirts , T shirts , shirts , trousers , cargo pants, winter jackets, high visibility clothing, chef coats , suit , tie , name badges
We are into everything and are one stop for clothes & apparels required by a corporate company

• Highly skilled sartorial team
• Active sales team to assist you on your call
• Design team with a strong knowledge of current trends & colors
• A research team to track the current & upcoming fashion trends
• Highly productive machinery & world class infrastructure
• Trusted suppliers & manufacturers across the globe
• We cater to small as well as large organizations

Our Services:

Polo Shirts Supplier Dubai

Round Neck t-shirts Supplier Dubai

Shirts Supplier Dubai

Trousers Supplier Dubai

Winter Jackets Supplier Dubai

Chefcoat Supplier Dubai

Suit Supplier Dubai

Cap Supplier Dubai

Coverall Supplier Dubai

Name badges

Delivery Bags and Pouches

Embroidery of Uniforms

Printing of Uniforms

Our Services

Naziha Uniform Company is a UAE based company supplying Office Uniforms, Corporate Clothing and Work wear to corporate companies throughout gulf .

  1. Polo Shirts Supplier Dubai

    Polo shirts is a product widely accepted by the companies to make their staff look presentable and have uniformity in the work space.
    If you are looking for high quality customized polo shirts you are looking at the right place for your requirement.

  2. Round neck t-shirts supplier dubai

    We manufacture customized round neck tshirts in various styles and sizes, When buying round neck tshirts everybody is much bothered about the quality as round neck is one of the product which is available in very low quality and customers fall prey buying this.
    The major benefit of buying a round neck tshirts from us , is because the round neck tshirts we supply are Made in UAE , which effects major 2 things which is faster delivery and quality of the product.

  3. Shirts Supplier Dubai

    Looking for good quality of shirts for your employees which needs to be measured or in standard sizes , to make them look bright , cheerful and create a uniform atmosphere , we have some great quality of fabrics that can be customized into shirts you have been always looking for according to your staffs measurement or standard sizes.
    We can assist you to choose fabrics for these shirts from our collection and have logos of your company over it on one call.

  4. Trousers Supplier Dubai

    When we talk about the trousers the major thing about a trouser is always the fit and then the quality.
    In our meetings with now our existing customers , they always had a major problem with fit of their trousers. We sorted that at very ease by just noticing the nationality of major number of people and using the right size spec of the required country.

  5. Winter Jackets supplier dubai

    Worried about winter or rain , or do you have delivery drivers for whom you are looking for jackets we have a solution for this too, Jackets are very important of the delivery drivers . We make delivery driver jackets which are splash proof and quilted inside which plays a very important for the delivery riders while riding the bike.
    We make jackets is micro fiber fabric with heavy or light quilting inside as requested by the customer.

Our Vision

Ultimately we are one stop for all your uniform requirements , we will help you choose fabrics from our catalogue and develop a uniforms with logos printed or embroidered as our tagline we make.